Relationships are a Two Way Street.

Silhouette of a angry woman and man on each other.

Expectations are the bullets that sink the

“ship” in relationship

Relationships are a two way street. The media in America have emasculated men for years. It shouldn’t be a crime to be masculine nor should it be for a woman to be feminine. Relationships are not about expectations or giving things a chance but commitment. Commitment to work things out when things aren’t going the way you expect them to. An honest relationship shouldn’t be a power struggle. It should come from the understanding that true empowerment doesn’t come from an outside source but from within, it means that one is comfortable in their own skin. Expectations will certainly mean failure to any relationship. Expectations are the bullets that sink the “ship” in relationship. It clear that in a relationship that being supportive is the better option. It’s the true position of power. A woman who stands behind her man will always get what she wants, a man who understands his role doesn’t have to battle for position because he’s where he is supposed to be. Thus a honest relationship is born.



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