Why “a good war” won’t “sort things out” – one off geopolitical post on Turkey, Russia & European relations

fighting stuff

I write these blogs for personal reflection as well as an online writing space that is not necessarily discoverable. To clarify, I don’t support fascism or the ideologists that try and practice it in any country. I’m not going to say what I think Russia should or shouldn’t do, just explain it as I see it this week in 2016.

A well intentioned & very mild mannered chemist said to me recently that he believed that a good war will sort things out. Well history has told us about well intentioned chemists that become rich by making bombs or other lethal weapons.

He grew up after WW2 so how could he know? I don’t know of anyone who still lives to talk about wars, has fought in wars, has supported wars, has studied wars – who says they’re a good thing. So:

With it’s unique size & location has more…

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