In a Self-Determing World “Common Sense Rules”


In a Self-Determing World 

“Common Sense Rules”

If a society is lacking in common sense, and there’s little to no conscience, morality, empathy, consciousness, creativity, taste, discernment or love, how does one propose to govern such a population?”

If common sense may exist in a society where boundaries and group-membership is absent, it may be pictured as the shared sense of a self-determining world.

Thus a society that exemplifies “common sense” should be listened to. See more here.



  1. Wow, that is some essay… more like a thesis. Didn’t have time to read a quarter of it, but what I read made sense. Ultimately if common sense ruled individuals there would be no need for authority over anyone.

    • Agreed, self government or rule is the best choice. It wouldn’t be anarchy but a lack of centralized authority in this way. The true leaders could then focus on more important things than controlling the populous.

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