Strife or Life – Choose?


Diviseness brings strife

Togetherness brings life




  1. I can relate to divisiveness bringing strife, in fact that’s how those who want strife go about securing it endlessly. But togetherness bringing life? Togetherness (especially of the kind depicted by the photo) creates a new forceful entity. As a general rule that new force is aimed at countering the old force of the status quo. That often leads to more violence, as in wars and revolutions. If that fails you have repression and pogroms. If it succeeds a new guard replaces an old guard and it’s same old, same old, as history records. If people wanted life, should they not be seeking self empowerment through compassion and a greater awareness of how to counteract controlling forces?

    • This is a personal opinion but I believe we strive through this life along with everyone else to learn that we are not able to do things on our own. If life was as easy as that there would be no reason for a higher power, thus learning to be humble is always the harder choice.

      • Ah, the “higher power” concept. I understand the previous references to a book and “asking him” now. I was raised in the “higher power” world but studying life and man’s path through it finally convinced me that higher powers are too frequently abused by men to make it a reliable base for one’s life. Personally, I have no use for “that book’s” higher power as it has shown itself particularly inimical to women. So we go our separate ways and may you keep well. Sha’Tara.

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