The Spiritual Foundry

unfiltered from the heart

fireCarbon is folded into metal during the forging process to strengthen it. The more times the metal of a sword is folded, the stronger the sword has the potential to become.

The fire of the foundry is used to heat the metal to a malleable state so that the swordsmith can hammer out the impurities, called slag. The metal is then expertly folded and properly cooled. The entire process, when done properly, gives the metal strength, balance and flexibility.

The forging process involves repeated firing, hammering, folding and cooling. The legendary Katana has over 1000 layers (though it is debated how many times it is actually folded), let’s just say it’s been folded many, many times.

As spiritual Warriors, we are repeatedly placed in the fire of the foundry so that we can be forged into our greatest potentials. We are heated to become malleable, hammered to remove impurities, folded…

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