True Intimacy

nature outdoor

True Intimacy

I watched the intertwining of hands, touching and feeling it created a stirring in my soul. No thought as to why, just the caressing of each finger as one passed over the other, oh my God such intimacy. Lovers don’t pass judgement or care, they love. Deep within the soul a stirring occurs presenting itself as a monument to love. No words are passed, emotions exude at every moment telling the other person, I love you regardless. You are mine, I love you. Not a word spoken but everything is understood. Time stands still as eternity takes over, it’s forever, sealed in time. The heart yearns for this, pleads for this, begs for this, and in this tiny precious moment love is encapsulated. It will never be taken away, Lovers forever while time stands still for them. In stillness they hold hands.


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