When is enough “Enough”?

I’ve often wondered why people tolerate taxes and at what point do they say enough is enough. What was the tipping point for those who started the move for independence from England? Is this about to re-occur again? If it is than what will be the mitigating factors? Freedom has always been at the core of American values, will it be a loss of freedom that finally pushes the whole system over the cliff? Will it be the over-regulating or massive debt that bankrupts the country? How about the three rounds of quantitative easing, will it cause hyper-inflation and drive the dollar into the ground? At what point do taxes become more like serfdom and less like freedom? Let’s take a look.


The following excerpt came from Colonel Dan:

Can a Country Really be Taxed to Death?

To shape the economy, spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax:  A country with a strong economy is financially independent and its people unlikely to look toward the government for much of anything.  If free people don’t depend on their government, that government has limited sway over them.  By legislating large sums from the public treasury you accomplish two important goals. First you create dependents of the public and private business that are now subject to conditions, rules and regulations you dictate.  Secondly, you are putting that country into unsustainable debt, reducing the value of the currency while undermining its economy.  And of course, to support all this spending, you now make the case that the people must “invest” in all these government provided “benefits” so you tax them relentlessly stealing money from their pockets and independence from their lives.  Eventually, if you tax and spend enough, you financially oppress the people to the point of serfdom and overload their economic structure to the point of collapse.

Through patient manipulation and clever coordination of these few centers of gravity, you can, in time, weave the downfall of even the most powerful nation, using its own citizens and systems to orchestrate the destruction.

The irony is that in just a few generations, the indoctrinated masses will be convinced this trail which has been shaped for them is truly the enlightened path for mankind and they will unwittingly look forward to the trip!  You have thus taken control of a powerful rival without firing a shot or spilling a drop of blood. For more information about Colonel Dan’s thoughts see here.

Indoctrinated masses, interesting! Several years ago I had a vision that was quite disturbing, it’s taken me a while to completely understand it. The preceding statement has helped clear up some of what I saw in this vision. Let me relate this vision to you – look at the parallels and then make your own judgement.

00 Picture20 churning debris

 All of Humanity Bursting Forth

The Vision:

In this vision I was standing in the middle of this city gazing upward into the sky, all at once the entire heavens flashed and the world glowed in a purplish haze. Immediately everyone panicked, the result caused the populace to gather and fill in this massive culvert that headed in a single direction. I tried to move as did many others but nothing happened, it was like a log jam. I wondered what caused it and in doing so looked down and saw millions of snakes, frogs, salamanders, and other creatures  writhing and slithering between the feet of all those gathered in the causeway. Suddenly like a dam bursting with all humanity behind it flowed forward in a single direction, being in the middle of it all I knew something was amiss and scanned the horizon for a possible escape, when I finally  caught sight of an alternate route I opened my mouth to share what I’d seen but very few people heard me, they all looked like zombies marching forward in lock-step. It was a second culvert that would be a means of escape that headed up and over a mountain range. When those who heard me entered the passage we all knew it was the correct path and that it would lead us out of jeopardy. What was fascinating was where the trail ended…………..it ended at a stage. I remember standing on this stage, my eyes affixed upon multiple characters that looked somewhat like droids. It was like they were at the point of destroying “Earth”, a twinge of fear came into my heart but immediately left when I understood that what we called life is like a stage play, when the play is over everybody gets to go home. I felt safe knowing I had chosen the right path.  

Do you see the parallels? 


This leads me to my first issue – being overburdened with taxes. Will it be the straw that broke the camels back? I went and found what real taxation looks like, not all divided up and sweetly packaged, but broken down so it can be seen what the reality is. Take a look, does this look accurate? Does it disturb you? If not maybe your dead or maybe a zombie?

So How Much Do Americans Really Pay in Taxes?

Item Rate Notes
Federal personal income tax 17%
(2011 est. – 18.2%)
Top 39.6% rate. Source
State & local income taxes 10.1%
(2010 – 9.9%)
State taxes range from under 6% to over 12%. Local taxes run from zero to 2.75%.Source,  source,  source,  2009 source
Sales tax 9.7%
(2009 – 10.3%)
Figure is the average rate. State sales taxes range up to 8% and local taxes run from zero to over 5%. In 2010, state and local collections averaged $925 per capita.Source,  source,  2008 source (broken link as of 2012),  2009 source  2011 source
Social security & Medicare 7.65% Total rate is actually 15.3% since half is paid by the employer, but we’re ignoring that to be kind and to avoid being accused of being too political.
Federal and state corporate income tax share 2.5% Based on corporate taxes being approximately 1/6 of personal taxes, and that they are paid by individuals in the final analysis.
Property tax 2.5%
(2011 – 2.8%)
Yearly average actual costs range from under $200 in Alaska to almost $1900 in New Jersey. State and local property taxes in fiscal 2010 averaged $1424 per capita, with a low of $539 in Alabama to $2819 in New Jersey) per the Tax Foundation. Source
Fuel/gasoline tax .5%
(2009 est. – .6%)
Approximately 23% of the 2005 gasoline price is for federal & state taxes. The federal excise tax is 18.4 cents per gallon. Per the CPI, about 6% of the average budget is for transportation. Estimated. 2010 estimate, $.45 per gallon average. As of January 1, 2013, the lowest rate was 8 cents per gallon in Alaska and the highest was 50.6 cents in New York per the Tax Foundation.Source
Other 6%+
(2009-2013 – 8%+)
Includes estate tax, fees, licenses, real inflation losses, inheritance, deficit allowance, gift, and others noted below. Estimated.

Here is what happened on January 1st 2014:

Top Income Tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%
Top Income Payroll Tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%
Capital Gains Tax went from 15% to 28%
Dividend Tax went from 15% to 39.6%

Total tax percentage potentially paid by the well above average US citizen, 2005 – 53.2% *

Total tax percentage potentially paid by the well above average US citizen, 2013 est. – 58.5% *

* The total average tax paid is closer to 43%, since the figures above do not distinguish between taxes on gross and net income, nor do they adjust for tax planning and many other factors. Note also that the Tax Foundation’s numbers are closer to 30% for the actual “average” US citizen, although items like inflation, employer’s share of Social Security and Medicare, and various fee estimates are not included to the best of our knowledge.

Source: A world of possible futures


The Price of freedom or the Terms of Serfdom?

So let’s look at this in it’s simplest form, let’s take the average American mean income (Asian, White, Latino, and Black) which happens to be $68,591 and times that by what is being called the average tax paid – 43% (from above figures) . This means that Uncle Sam, the State and Local governments, along with social security and medicare are extracting $29,494.00 of that mean income from every family in America. Essentially this means that everyone who works, works 5 months for right to be an American. Is this the cost of freedom or the terms of serfdom? You chose!

All information derived from wikipedia here.

This is the end of Part One, stayed tuned for Part Two.



  1. Taxes here in Canada are even higher I believe. Freedom in any form today is an illusion regardless of race color or creed. Taxation, Internet and media mind control persuading the masses of almost everything including motivation and access to all things private has depersonalied and dehumanized. And most of us will never know it. We will be left with a puzzled look on our faces as we depart this world.

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