They Said it Could Never Happen, but LaRouche Stuck to His Guns, and Now it Has Happened!

LaRouche Irish Brigade

“The Russians are here to win the war; this is what everyone knows.” Ali Hashem, chief news correspondent for Al Mayadeen News Network, writing in Al-Monitor October 7, quoted these words from a Lebanese source of his. Yes, it’s absolutely true, and every witting person does indeed know it. After months of planning, Putin has gone in to win. Americans find that impossible to believe just yet, because our country has been at war during most of the years since World War II,— but not to win. Never to win. Just the opposite,— the wars into which the British Empire has thrown us, as through Barack Obama, have been perpetual wars aimed at chaos, population-reduction, and the destruction of the US. No-win wars. But nevertheless, Putin actually went in to win; he intends to win.

And today was the second day of a “vast offensive,” as the Syrian Army put…

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