Why is it that America likes one liners,

McQuick food, and free sex?

So does that mean people who can actually hold a conversation,

can cook and are willing to wait,

and aren’t willing to indulge in mindless sex considered outcasts?

Or something that is called free,

but then they ask you for a credit card,

deceitfully  turned into deception.

How about the cell phone companies that sell you

a plan that commits you to a min. 1 year service,

 gives bad service and you can’t terminate without paying a fee.

Who is creating these new rules anyway?



      • You know? I’ve been saying this for years that it seems like everything is backwards. Just the other day I went to a FedEx to make copies and got into a conversation with a woman (both of us frustrated at the complexity of initiating the copy machines) about customer service via phone. Let me correct that, if you can get a person to answer the phone because the automated systems typically do not address the issue you are calling about and you end up going round and round. We need to slow down and appreciate the time and people we have while we have them. And what happened to ethics and morals? I just shake my head.

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