“Watched The News Today”

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And insurance we can’t eat – This is so true. I was telling everyone back in 2007 and 08 that they would wind up having to either chose paying for insurance or feed their families – now its coming true. I’d like to say I told you so, but like everyone else I’m just too busy trying to make ends meet. Sooner than later we all have to stop, look around and ask a very important question……….. What the hell is going on and why? We are all being fed lies, what the government hope is that you wait too long and then there’s nothing you can do about it because they control everything. WAKE UP PEOPLE, you are being used………..you are part of their agenda………and when they are done with you……you will have no value. Corporations are taught that things that have no value are gotten rid of……….DO YOU GET IT.

"William's Window"

"Watched The News Today"

I was watching the news today,

And what do I see?


Politicians blowing sunshine,

And wars overseas;

Blood, and death,

Even killing of our bees;

Robbers and banksters,

On nations they scheme;

Corporations playing god,

Even tampering with our seeds.


Skies are turning silver,

From things we can’t see;

The poisoning of our crops,

On which the people feed;

More government than people,

And they say that we’re free;

The only ones living,

Are the wealthy and elite.


Cost of living getting higher,

And insurance we can’t eat;

Wages that stagnate,

Unable to afford needs;

More homeless than ever,

Numbers growing like weeds;

Our lives losing value,

Nowhere left to flee.


Yes,.. .

I watched the news today,

but not on t.v.,

I opened my eyes,

And this I could see.


William Hancock © All Rights Reserved


[ Image used:  www.morguefile.com/archive/display/906371 ]


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  1. Yeap!,
    A real shame the whole Country gone to the dogs, our plutocrats, and few people seem to care, or do anything to stop it. 😦

    • Like a dormant volcano it can still rumble, so are the people and the government knows it. This is exactly why they are working very hard right now to protect themselves. When it does explode it will be very violent and deadly. Pray that many will be spared and those who are the cause are brought to justice. Otherwise America is sunk.

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