gallery Throwback Thursday: The foreigner tries ice-skating in Russia

Well I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing, it’s always fun visiting Russia. Remember if you don’t know how to ice skate, well……….. I can see she had a great time. There were a few times when I shared with someone here that I’ve haven’t tried this or that. Oh, the response I always get, We will take you to try it. Spontaneous events have proved to be quite rewarding. Hope you enjoy her post.

Janaline's world journey

When my Russian friends Alexander and Anastasia heard that I have never actually ice-skated before, they took it upon themselves to teach me. They picked me up early one Saturday morning and we headed out to their weekend house ( Datcha) just outside of Moscow close to a small town named Shishken. Their weekend house looks like a log cabin out of a movie. It is situated right next to a forest and they even have a small pond in their yard. It was this pond that had frozen over, and which they were going to use to teach me how to ice-skate. One of my biggest fears of ice skating outside is breaking through the ice and falling into that freezing cold water! But it had been -25 degrees celsuis the whole previous week so according to them the pond should be solidly frozen over.

After a warm lunch, accompanied by loads of…

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