One of my favorite. “Russian roulette”



Russian roulette

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Life is taking chances. We will fall many times. If we are lucky. We will know peace one day.


                                  Russian roulette

Beautiful young woman dances on a stage on the border of Austin.
Moving like a butterfly in the breeze.
Holding the attention of the men holding tight to good whiskey and the gin.

A religious man sits with me drinking Jack Daniel straight.
He is telling me the rapture is coming and  it is too late.

I hold my whiskey tight.
Watching the young woman on stage.
I waved a five dollar bills. She come near.
Brought my face close. She whispered. “Thank you Johnnie. You are a gem.”‘

The darkness had overtook me.
I told my sisters many ways to die.
Can play Russian roulette with a mirror or slowly poison the blood and the mind.
Fast death or slow…

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